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DIY Postcards!!

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Create a postcard marketing campaign that
is destined for success.

Everything you need to create custom postcards for your company.

4 x 6"

Starting at $24.96

5 x 7"

Starting at $26.25


Starting at $33.00


Starting at $10.80

Shop by Size

3 x 5" Postcards

Starting at $13.50

4 x 6" Postcards

Starting at $24.96

5 x 5" Postcards

Starting at $26.00

5 x 7" Postcards

Starting at $26.25

6 x 9" Postcards

Starting at $40.50

8.5 x 11" Postcards

Starting at $59.84

Horizontal Postcards

Vertical Postcards

Matte Postcards

No Coating Postcards

Silk Laminated Postcards

UV Postcards

Specialty Paper Finishes

Elevate your prints for a distinctive look.

Raised UV

Starting at $34.00

With Raised UV, graphic elements will pop off the page for a dramatic effect. Create a striking contrast between elements with raised UV and the rest of the design.

Raised Foil

Starting at $34.00

For a sophisticated look, bring your cards to life with Raised Foil. Create unmissable definition between foiled elements and the rest of the design.

Shop by paper

Gloss Cover

Customer favorite! Glossy, thick card stock that has an additional layer of High Gloss UV Coating on the surface for a beautiful shine, great color reproduction, and extra protection from damage.

Uncoated Cover

Uncoated, thick card stock with a slightly textured, natural paper feel. If you’re looking for a stock to write on, uncoated is the way to go!


Premium Linen

This unique, FSC-certified paper stock has a woven texture that provides a distinguished and sophisticated feel. This uncoated stock contains a writable surface.

Premium Matte Cover

Another customer favorite! Dull (not glossy), with a layer of Matte Finish applied for a smooth, silky surface.

Ultra Premium Pearl

This smooth, natural-colored pearlescent stock adds a shimmering radiance to your prints. This FSC-certified stock is biodegradable and recyclable.

Uncoated Premium Kraft

This thick, environmentally sustainable brown Kraft paper stock is 100% recycled. It contains natural fibers, which add a rustic look to your prints. The uncoated surface makes this stock easy to write on. Avoid using light colors. Note: White ink will not be visible on Kraft paper.

Ultra Premium Smooth White

Thin enough to fit in any wallet, thick enough to make a statement. Pair this premium matte paper with bold designs for guaranteed visibility. You may write on this stock.

Premium Matte Cover

In an effort to expand our green initiative, we’ve brought on FSC certified recycled stocks. Similar to the finish of the 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover, this stock is the perfect option for our environmentally friendly customers!

Trifecta Green with Velvet Finish

Triple-layered stock with green edges. This 520 gsm “Smart White” paper has a velvety finish for stunning, soft colors.

Trifecta Pearl with Kanvas Texture

Triple-layered stock with Pearl white edge. The 689 gsm “Solar White” paper has a canvas textured finish for a rush of opulence.

Trifecta Black with Velvet Finish

Triple-layered stock with black edges. This 700 gsm “Smart White” paper has a velvety finish for stunning, soft colors. The black middle layer is thicker than the two white layers, creating a striking contrast.

Trifecta Red with Velvet Finish

Triple-layered stock with red edges. This 700 gsm “Smart White” paper has a velvety finish for stunning, soft colors. The red middle layer is thicker than the two white layers, creating a striking contrast.

Trifecta Blue with Velvet Finish

Triple-layered stock with blue edges. This 700 gsm “Smart White” paper has a velvety finish for stunning, soft colors. The blue middle layer is thicker than the two white layers, creating a striking contrast.

Postcard Magnets

Print promotions, invitations,
announcements, and more.

Postcards in Every Size

Find the right postcard dimensions to fit your needs.

Choose from 30+ postcard sizes, including 4″ x 6″ postcards, half-page 5.5″ x 8.5″ postcards, or giant 9″ x 12″ postcards. All of our EDDM-eligible sizes are clearly marked for your convenience.

Wide Variety of Premium Stocks

Your postcards will look and feel incredible.

When it comes to postcard marketing, you can’t go wrong with our sturdy 14 pt. gloss cover stock. If you need luxury postcards or high-end invitations, our ultra thick (24 pt. to 38 pt.) triple-layer Trifecta paper is distinctive and memorable.

High-Quality, Full Color Printing

Plus multiple customization options to choose from.

We offer both single and double-sided postcard printing, and you can even add rounded corners for a softer touch. Our state-of-the-art equipment will print your postcards using rich inks for brilliant, vibrant colors.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Sample Kit
Fast Production Time

Frequently Asked Questions​

Spread Your Message with Custom Postcards

Get your company’s message in front of thousands of potential customers in your area with high-quality postcards! Postcards are budget-friendly, easy to create, and an all-around essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve worked hard to make the online ordering process as smooth as possible. Once your order has been placed, our state-of-the-art equipment will print your postcards using rich inks for vibrant colors. We’ll handle your postcard printing needs with the utmost care and attention.

If you have already designed your postcards, it’s easy to upload the files to our website. For greater accuracy, we recommend using our downloadable postcard templates to ensure your final product looks perfect. You can also create your design using our attractive customizable online templates. We have hundreds of industry-specific backgrounds to choose from, all of which can be personalized with your company name, logo, contact information and images.

No two businesses are exactly the same, which is why we offer a large selection of size, paper, and shape options to meet the needs of our clients. We have more than 30 postcard sizes for you to choose from, including square postcards and EDDM-eligible postcard sizes. Choose between vertical or horizontal orientations and even added rounded corners for a softer touch.

We want you to be thrilled with your finished product, so we provide proofs for all orders. Choose between a free Instant Proof or have our processing team email you a manually processed PDF proof.

If you want to send professionally-designed custom postcards, you’ll love our in-house Design Services! Our incredibly talented team of graphic designers will be happy to help you turn your postcard idea into reality. Designing a custom postcard does not have to be a long, expensive process. MoshiWEB makes it easy and affordable – we are equipped to handle everything from the design to the shipping quickly and efficiently. Once your proof is approved and your payment is successfully processed, you will usually receive your full order in just a few business days.

We can even take your postcard marketing one step further by helping you mail your postcards to your target customers at competitive rates. We offer Direct Mail Marketing as well as Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) services, a cost-effective solution for targeting specific neighborhoods. Getting maximum exposure while saving on postage is now easier than ever.

MoshiWEB is your trusted source for all your postcard printing solutions. Start designing beautiful and appealing postcards today!

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What are the primary uses of postcards?

Postcards are a powerful marketing tool because they allow you to deliver your message right to potential customers’ mailboxes. Use them to advertise your services, grand openings, new locations, clearance sales, and more. Drive foot traffic by mailing exclusive coupons or discounts to target neighborhoods.

Of course, postcards are not just for advertising. If you are a frequent traveler, print up some personal postcards to send to family and friends from the road. Postcards are also perfect for sending announcements, greetings, or invitations, like save the date postcards or holiday postcards. You can even use our postcard ordering process to create single-page calendars, party invites, and photo prints!

Why should I choose MoshiWEB to print my postcards?

MoshiWEB makes it easy to customize a unique postcard to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of options including multiple sizes, paper stocks, and finishing touches. You can upload your own design or use our intuitive online designer to create a postcard that will attract new customers. Our friendly customer service team is just one phone call away to answer any questions, comments, or concerns about the whole process.

Our full-color offset and digital printing process will print high-quality postcards that are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee for first-time customers. If you are not happy with your final product, please let us know. If we find that we made an error, we’ll gladly reprint your order. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Do you have sample kits?

Yes, we can send you a free sample kit upon request. Our sample kit contains a variety of the products we offer so you can see and feel the different paper stocks and coatings for yourself. Click here to request a sample kit.

How much do postcards cost?

Our standard-sized (4″ x 6″) double-sided postcards start at just $28.80 for 100 cards. No matter which size or paper stock you choose, we are committed to offering high-quality postcards at cost-effective prices.

How can I make my own postcards?

We have two convenient ways to print custom postcards. If you are designing your own postcard, start by downloading our postcard templates, as they have already been marked with the safe zone, trim line, and bleed line. Use this template to create your print-ready design file. Once you are ready to order, select your desired size, paper stock, color printing option, and quantity, then upload your file. You can choose either an instant screen proof or a manually processed PDF proof.

Our online design tool can help you design your own postcard – no graphic designer or expensive software needed! Choose your favorite template, then edit the default text and upload your own graphics, images, and backgrounds.

If you would like to work with a professional designer for a completely unique and personal card, you also have the option of adding one of our affordable design service packages to your order.

I need help with my postcard design. Do you offer any pre-made templates?

If you need help designing your postcards, we have a wide variety of professionally-designed online templates that you can customize with your company name, logo, value propositions, and contact information. We carry online design templates for popular industries and professions such as real estate, beauty & wellness, financial services, food and beverage, and construction. All of our printable postcard design templates can be easily personalized to match your brand’s identity.

What are the most popular postcard sizes?

The most popular postcard sizes are 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 6″ x 9″ and 8.5″ x 5.5″. We also have smaller-sized postcards (if you are trying to stretch your marketing dollars as far as possible) and larger postcards (to give you more room to advertise your products and services). If you are looking for EDDM-eligible postcard sizes, they are clearly marked on our order form for your convenience.

What file formats do you accept for my postcard design?

We accept TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDF files. PSD, PDF, and AI files should be in CMYK mode to ensure accurate color output. The resolution of your postcard files should be set to 300 to 350 dpi. The maximum upload file size is 75 megabytes per file.

What is a "Safe Zone" and "Bleed" when it comes to designing my postcards?

The Safe Zone is the area where all your critical elements (text, images, logos, etc) should be placed so they are not cut off when the postcard is trimmed to its final size. The Bleed is the part outside of the Safe Zone that gets trimmed off during the cutting process. Bleed is short for all the graphics that will “bleed off the document” so that the color continues to the edge of your cards. We require a 0.1″ Bleed for postcard files.

What type of paper stocks do you offer?

Choose from a variety of paper stocks with different thickness and coating options. Our 14 pt. paper is one of our most popular stocks and is available uncoated or with a glossy finish. We recently introduced our Trifecta Ultimate collection for those looking for an extra-special paper option. This ultra thick triple-layer stock ranges between 24 to 38 pt. thickness. Our recycled 100 lb. paper is especially popular with our eco-conscious customers!

What is the best paper stock for postcards?

For durable, vibrant postcards, you can’t go wrong with our 14 pt. glossy cover stock (a customer favorite). For a softer, vintage-inspired look, choose either our 14 pt. uncoated paper or our 16 pt. matte cover stock. If you need luxurious postcards or invitations, choose one of our ultra thick Trifecta stocks, which come with either a velvety, soft touch finish or a textured canvas finish.

When will I receive my postcards?

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