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DIY Hang Tags!!

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Hang Tags

Create custom hang tags for your
business & special events.

Popular Sizes

Choose from a variety of sizes, perfect for any use

2" x 2"

Starting at $20.94

2" x 3"

Starting at $25.91

2" x 4.25"

Starting at $21.20

3" x 3"

Starting at $21.80

Folded Hang Tags

More Space, More Info

Our folded hang tags are the perfect product to include more information than just two sides can handle. Rest assured, customers appreciate accessibility, and will be grateful to have all your info in one place.

Hole Drilling

Pick your placement!

To take an additional step off your hands, we offer hole drilling for your hang tags at no additional cost. With a drill hole diameter size of 1/8″, positioning options include top left, top center, and top right.

Rounded Corners

Edgy and Sleek

Give your hang tags a smoother feel with rounded corners. This unique feature is sure to elevate your design! *Not available for all paper stocks or sizes.

Shop paper

Gloss Cover

Flexible, yet sturdy and rigid, our 100 lb. Gloss Cover is popular and versatile. Colors will appear rich and vibrant on this paper, the thinnest of our card stocks.

Gloss Cover

Customer favorite! Glossy, thick card stock that has an additional layer of High Gloss UV Coating on the surface for a beautiful shine, great color reproduction, and extra protection from damage.

Uncoated Cover

Uncoated, thick card stock with a slightly textured, natural paper feel. If you’re looking for a stock to write on, uncoated is the way to go!

Premium Linen

This unique, FSC-certified paper stock has a woven texture that provides a distinguished and sophisticated feel. This uncoated stock contains a writable surface.

Premium Matte Cover

Another customer favorite! Dull (not glossy), with a layer of Matte Finish applied for a smooth, silky surface.

Ultra Premium Pearl

This smooth, natural-colored pearlescent stock adds a shimmering radiance to your prints. This FSC-certified stock is biodegradable and recyclable.

Premium Kraft

This thick, environmentally sustainable brown Kraft paper stock is 100% recycled. It contains natural fibers, which add a rustic look to your prints. The uncoated surface makes this stock easy to write on. Avoid using light colors. Note: White ink will not be visible on Kraft paper.

Ultra Premium Pearl

Thin enough to fit in any wallet, thick enough to make a statement. Pair this premium matte paper with bold designs for guaranteed visibility. You may write on this stock.

Recycled Matte Cover

In an effort to expand our green initiative, we’ve brought on FSC certified recycled stocks. Similar to the finish of the 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover, this stock is the perfect option for our environmentally friendly customers!

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Custom Design Services

We’ll help create a design just for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Sample Kit
Fast Production Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Showcase Your Products with Custom Hang Tags

Brand your merchandise quickly and affordably with stylish, high-quality hang tags! Whether you choose to order small hang tags to display just your company logo or folded hang tags to include detailed information about the products, our range of options allows you to be as creative as you’d like.

We have 25 hang tag sizes (including square hang tags) to choose from, all of which are beautifully printed on premium stocks using rich, vibrant inks. You can even choose from 3 hole positions (top left, top center, top right) to ensure that each tag hangs just right on your product and clothing items. We will drill a 1/8” hole into the hang tags so you can use them with the string or twine of your choice. You can even add some extra touches like rounded corners or high gloss UV coating for truly unique hang tags.

Not sure which hang tag size to order? Our 2” x 2” is one of our best sellers, as it is the perfect size to add to a garment. Other popular sizes include:

  • 2″x 3″
  • 2″x 3.5″
  • 2″x 5″
  • 3″x 3″
  • 3.25″x 4″ folded to 2″ x 3.5″
  • 4″x 4″ folded to 2″ x 4″

We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve developed a straightforward hang tag designing and ordering process. If you have already designed a hang tag for your clothing or other item, you can upload the file, make sure everything looks just right, and we’ll print it for you. If you don’t have an existing design, our Online Designer is perfect for customers who need a little extra help creating their hang tags. This user-friendly tool allows you to select from a variety of industry-specific templates to use as a jumping off point, or you can start with a blank canvas. From there, it’s easy to upload your company logo, add a background, and edit the text.

MoshiWEB is also proud of our talented in-house design team! If you would like to work with a professional graphic designer to create a hang tag that perfectly represents your brand, choose one of our affordable design service packages to add to your order. Our design team will work with you to create a custom design that exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to help you make personalized hang tags that will wow your customers.

What is a hang tag?

A hang tag is a small flat or folded label (often made from paper or plastic materials) that hangs from a garment or product and is used to display essential information such as brand name, product details, and price. Custom hang tags are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to brand your merchandise.

Hang tags are often used in the apparel industry, as they are easy to attach to most garments, including T-shirts, jeans, dresses, shirts, and outwear. For retail shelf merchandise, hang tags are an inexpensive alternative to traditional boxed packaging – not only do you save time and money on producing and assembling boxes, the product itself will be easier to see. A folded hang tag gives you enough room to include your company logo, your mission statement, and essential information about the product (ingredients, materials, etc.).

If you specialize in gift merchandise, keep pre-printed holiday hang tags on hand to make the gift-giving process a little easier on your customers! Personalized hang tags are also the perfect finishing touch for wedding and party favors – they can easily be tied to goody bags or slipped onto bottles of champagne.

What are swing tags used for?

Swing tags are another term for garment hang tags. Swing tags are often attached to articles of clothing using either string or plastic joiners and are used to provide consumers with information about the garment, including the brand name, product name, sku, price, and more.

Why should I choose MoshiWEB to print my hang tags?

If you’re looking for a beautiful hang tag that’s just right for your brand, you’ll be impressed by our selection. We offer hang tags in numerous sizes, all of which can be printed on a wide array of premium paper stocks, including glossy, matte, and recycled. You have the option of printing a full color design on just the front or on both sides, and we even let you decide the best hole position (top left, top center, top right) for your design. For a softer touch, you can add rounded corners (not available for all sizes).

Whether you have your own hang tag design or would like to create one through our site, we make it easy to place your order so you can get your hang tags delivered to you as quickly as possible. When you order hang tags through MoshiWEB, your final product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee for first-time customers. We’re committed to offering our customers affordable pricing, quick turnaround, and stellar customer service.

What size is a hang tag?

We have 25 hang tag sizes to choose from, ranging from 2″ x 2″ to 2″ x 8″. The best size for your hang tag will depend on your product and how much information you’d like to include. If you are looking for a simple hang tag to display just your logo and company name, a 2″ x 3″ is perfect for this purpose. If you would like to include additional text such as product details, choose one of our larger sizes or folded hang tags instead.

What should be on a hang tag?

Most companies include the brand name, logo, tagline, product name, and basic product information (ingredients, materials, price) on their hang tags. If you would like to stick to a single hang tag design for all products, you can have just your company name and logo, and attach any product-specific information, including price, to the back of the hang tag.

How do I print my own hang tags?

If you need personalized hang tags, we offer 2 convenient ways to make your own! If you already have a design, you can upload it to our website, make your size and paper selections, and we’ll handle the printing and hole drilling for you.

If you’re just starting out, you can create a custom hang tag design through our website. Our Online Designer allows you to choose from hundreds of industry-specific or general background images and templates and add your text. You can also upload your company logo and any other images you want to use.

If you would feel more comfortable having a professional graphic designer create your design, we can help with that too. Simply add one of our affordable design services packages to your order, and someone from our expert design team will work with you to create an exclusive design for your business.

Do you offer free print and paper stock samples?

If you would like to check out our print and paper quality before you order custom hang tags, request a free sample kit – no credit card required! Our sample kits show a range of products to help you decide which paper stock and coating is just right for your brand.

How much do hang tags cost?

Our 2” x 2” custom hang tags printed on 14 pt. gloss cover stock start at just $20.94 for 100. No matter what size, quantity, and paper stock you choose, you can count on high-quality personalized hang tags at budget-friendly prices.

What is the best paper stock for hang tags?

We offer a variety of premium paper stocks to choose from. Our popular 14 pt. gloss cover is a durable card stock that has an extra layer of High Gloss UV coating for a beautiful shine and great color reproduction. For a softer, more vintage appearance, choose either the 14 pt. uncoated cover or the 16 pt. premium matte cover. We also offer a 100 lb. recycled option for eco-conscious brands and a 100 lb. gloss cover if you’re looking for a more flexible, lighter hang tag.

Can I design my hang tag on your website?

If you need to order hang tags but you’re not sure how to design one, our Online Designer tool was built for customers just like you. This step-by-step tool allows you to customize everything from the background to the text so you can create an attractive hang tag that perfectly represents your brand. Once you’re happy with your design and place your order, we’ll send it straight to print.

What are your print guidelines for hang tag designs?

If you are printing your own design, please refer to our downloadable templates first. Our templates are clearly marked with the safety zone, trim line, and bleed (we require a .125 bleed for hang tags). Any text or images that you don’t want to risk being cut off should be placed within the safe zone. The trim line shows where the final product will be cut, and the bleed refers to the part that will be trimmed off. If your hang tag design has a background image, make sure the background goes all the way to the bleed line of the template.

How long will it take for my hang tags to arrive?

The production time for hang tags is 3 to 6 days and begins a day after you have approved your proof and your payment is processed. If your order is approved and payment is processed by 9AM PT/ 11AM CT/ 12PM ET, then the production time begins that day. Depending on the shipping method you choose, shipping generally adds an additional 2 to 6 days to the turnaround time. To learn more, please visit our Production Time page.

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