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DIY A-Frame Signs!!

+Creative Design!

+ Free Shipping!

A-Frames Signs

Display eye-catching messages and promos
with custom A-Frame signs.

Industry Uses

Applicable in multiple professional fields

Restaurants & Cafes

Retail Shops

Corporates Business

Event Marketing

Single or Double Sided

Create buzz in both directions

With the single or double sided option, you will have the opportunity to reach more potential clientele. Each side is its own 24″ x 36″ sign; print two different messages, and remove or change signs as needed! You may also order updated signs without re-ordering frames.

Standard & Deluxe Frames

Choose white or black

We supply you with the option of Standard or Deluxe Signicade® A-Frames, which are made of 100% durable plastic. These frames are easy to assemble, long lasting, and portable, making it a convenient promotional tool.

Durable Prints

Scratch, Abrasion, & Weather Resistant

Display your messages outdoors with confidence. Our a-frame signs are printed with UV Ink on either vinyl or plastic material to provide you with a longer lasting, quality product.

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Custom Design Services

We’ll help create a design just for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Fast Production Time

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is an A-frame sign?

Custom A-Frame signs (often referred to as sandwich boards or sidewalk signs) are one of the best tools for getting customers off the sidewalk and through your door. They are popular with retailers, restaurant owners, and service businesses because they are portable, durable, and hard-to-miss. Whether you are promoting your happy hour deals, daily specials, or affordable services, A-Frames can be very effective at increasing foot traffic.

Why should I choose MoshiWEB to order my A-Frame signs?

Our custom A-frame signs are high in quality and extremely affordable. Your full-color signs will be beautifully printed with UV ink for longer durability. Whether you need a sign and frame, or just a replacement sign, our ordering process is easy and intuitive.

We understand that business owners need sandwich boards that allow them to change their message frequently and without hassle. For those reason, we chose to offer the industry-leading Signicade® plastic frames, which are thoughtfully designed for easy sign replacement. You can choose either black or white A-frames, depending on your needs. Deluxe A-Frames measure 46.375″ (H) by 27″ (W) by 3″ (D) and can be displayed with one or two 4 mm corrugated plastic signs. Standard A-frames measure 45″ (H) by 25″ (W) by 3″ (D) and can be displayed with either one or two 3 mil adhesive vinyl signs.

Before you place your order, MoshiWEB will ask if you prefer an instant online proof or manually processed PDF proof. If you opt for a manually processed proof, we will review your file to make sure it has been set up correctly and is ready to print. When you order from MoshiWEB, you can count on competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and a high-quality finished product.

What is the size of an A-Frame sign?

Our A-Frame signs (excluding the frame) measure 24″ x 36″. We also offer 2 frame options. The dimensions for our Deluxe Signicade® frames are 46.375″H x 27″W x 3″D and the dimensions for our Standard Signicade® are 45″H x 25″W x 3″D.

How do I design and order custom A-Frame signs?

For best results when designing your A-Frame signs, please start with our downloadable templates. Each template is clearly marked with the safe zone, trim line, and bleed line. Essential text, graphics, and images should be placed within the safe zone so they are not cut off during the trimming process. Make sure any background images extend past the trim line to the bleed. We require a 0.125″ bleed on A-Frame sign files.

Your files should be created in CMYK mode with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi at 100% of the final print size. Please submit your files in one of the following formats: TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDF. Maximum file upload size is 75MB (megabytes) per file.

How much does it cost to order an A-Frame sign?

Prices for a Standard A-frame with 1 printed sign start at $82.38. Replacement signs for Standard Frames start at $28.85 for a single full-color signed printed on 3 mil Adhesive Vinyl.

Can I buy the replacement inserts only without the stand?

We offer our customers the option of purchasing a printed sign and frame or just replacement signs as needed. It’s easy to replace the signs on both the Standard and Deluxe Signicade® frames.

What are A-Frame signs made from?

We offer 2 types of sandwich board frames, Signicade® Standard and Signicade® Deluxe. Signs for Standard frames are printed on 3 mil Adhesive Vinyl, a durable, permanent adhesive-backed glossy material that will stay in place, rain or shine.

Signs for Deluxe frames are printed on 4 mm Corrugated Plastic. This sturdy material is similar to a corrugated cardboard, except with a plastic finish.

How long will it take for my A-Frame sign to ship?

Our production time for A-Frame signs is 2 to 4 business days. The first day of production is the day after you have approved your order and your payment has been successfully processed. If your proof has been approved by 9AM PT/ 11AM CT/ 12PM ET (and your payment has been received), then the production time begins that day.

Shipping will take an additional 2 to 6 business days, depending on the shipping method chosen at checkout. If you need your A-Frame signs sooner, please select rush printing and expedited shipping. For more information on production and shipping times, please visit our Production Time page.

A-Frame Signs: Encourage Foot Traffic To Your Storefront

If you need a custom, professionally-printed A-Frame sign, look no further. We’re proud to offer Signicade® plastic frames, which are considered the industry standard due to their high quality. Business owners love our A-Frame signs because they are sturdy, portable, and easy to assemble, making them a great tool for retailers, bars, restaurants, hair salons and more.

We have 2 sandwich board options for you to choose from. The Deluxe Signicade® frame has a larger overall build and your choice of 1 or 2 Corrugated Plastic signs secured by Stay Tabs™. The Standard Signicade® A-Frame Signs allows you to affix adhesive vinyls on the surface of the frames.

High-Quality Signicade Construction

You have the option of printing just 1 sign to affix to the front of your A-Frame, or 2 signs to promote your business on both the front and the back of the frame. The signs measure 24″ x 36″ and are printed in full color on our state-of-the-art equipment. The 100% plastic frames are extremely durable – they won’t rust, splinter, or fade. Our A-Frame Signs are built to endure any weather condition and meant for both short-term and long-term usage. The molded handle ensures easy portability. For all frames, molded-in stacking lugs nest into each other to ensure that when stacking the frames, they do not slide or shift. Hinges lock in the open position.

Assembly is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply spread the A-Frame Sign open and open the plugs for the fill holes to ballast with sand for extra stability and support. For the Deluxe A-Frame, which has four fill holes, you may fill 2.5 lbs. of sand per hole for a total of 10 lbs. For the Standard A-Frame, which has two fill holes, you may fill each hole with 5 lbs. of sand, for a total of 10 lbs.

Anytime you want to update your message or promotion, you can order replacement signs only through our site. Our Deluxe frames have a Quick-Change™ feature so you can swap out your signs as often as needed as well as Stay Tabs™ on the sides of the frames to hold your signs in place. When changing the Deluxe A-Frame Signs, slide the sign into the recessed section, making sure the sign is underneath the front tabs. There’s no need for velcro, tape, screws or any other tool.

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